Resume Writing



Entry-level resumes include new graduates; individuals within a non-management position, holding less than 3 years of professional work experience and/or returning back to work due to a long hiatus.



Mid-level management and supervisory candidates, along with individuals who possess an established career (over 3 years) with a non-management role, fall under this package



High-level technical, military, and management professionals fall under this package because they oftentimes possess an extensive career or possess an in-depth level of experience.

LinkedIn Writing


LinkedIn is a great medium for creating strong connections, especially between professionals, like-minded individuals, thought-leaders and people in your industry or whom you share interests with.

Cover Letter


​The letter will be written based on the existing resume you possess or from the resume this office creates for you. Supply a copy of your resume, and provide details pertaining to the position you’re focusing on.